So... hello!

by - 22:36

Hello :)
I'm Sammi. I've just finished a Fine Art Degree, and will graduate in November, so 
I thought, why not start that Blog that I've always wanted to have!
(technically I did start it once here but I stopped and now I don't remember the 
email address.... oops!)

So, I plan to upload to this as often as I can, mainly with lifestyle Blogs, but hopefully 
also with fashion and OOTD's (If I can get up the courage to ask people to take photo's!)

Due to being in the scary process of finishing Uni and trying to figure out what the hell I am 
going to do next, I'm going to treat this as a place to fuel my creativity and to 
document my little journey to wherever I am heading!
So lets see how this goes...

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