A Week In Kent - Dog Sitting

by - 21:14

I just got back from a week in Kent dog sitting with the boy.
We were looking after this little cutie called Herbie :D
He was surprisingly loud considering how small he is, and LOVED to beg for a play, but he 
was so adorable, and I really enjoyed looking after him!
It was pretty cool spending a whole week together, (The longest so far!) in a house and almost pretending that that was our life aha, It was nice :)

At one point during the week, Herbie even came and joined in with our cuddle, which was adorable!
So we had a three way spooning dog cuddle haha!
I had to control myself, and got a cheeky snap of it on my phone :')

So basically, another chilled out week, involving dog walking, lots of food 
and breaking bad... Just how I like it :D

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