Camden Market - Family Day Out

by - 22:47

Recently I spent the day at Camden Market with family, just wandering around the shops, market stalls and ofcourse stuffing our faces with the Bang Bang Chicken, and loving the amazing crazy guy who sells it. (Including my auntie who started to dance with him.. :'D)
Camden Town is such a cool and vibrant place, filled with your typical hypster and art-kid types.
There is masses of funky clothes, tasty food and art stalls at every corner, which is exactly what I love!
It's one of those places where you can get lost for hours and can't help but spend money on pretty things that you don't necessarily need... like always!

One of my favourite things that I bought on the day was this flower crown. It makes any outfit look like you've made more of an effort when you really haven't (Just how I like it!)
And I got this with Reading Festival in mind, I plan to go full festival cliché outfit, because why not!

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