Comicon - London MCM Expo - May 2014

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In May I went to MCM London Expo - Comicon, for the first time.
There was a whole bunch of us, as the number just kept expanding, and most of us went full Cos-Play.
I understand how this might not sound that exciting to some people, but I am a massive nerd, and it was such a good day. There were so many people Cos-Playing in ridiculously good outfits, and I wanted to buy something from every stall!

I dressed up as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, (Who is one of my favourite characters in anything!) crossbow, dead squirrel and zombie ear necklace at the ready!
I was really pleased with how everything came together, and was quite proud of my crafty skills with making the wings on the leather jacket!

Hermione, Finn The Human, Brown Coat, Arrow, Aymee (Didn't dress up), 
Superman, Superwoman and Ash Ketchum (minus the hat...)

I think one of the funniest things about the day, was witnessing Darren wandering through all the train stations and tubes in his full Superman outfit, and seeing everyone being confused and then amazed aha.

And possibly the highlight of the day, was getting a picture with the TARDIS and Kick Ass :D :D
I got a little bit too excited...

We are all going back to the next London Comicon in October, as we enjoyed it so much!
I really recommend it to any one interested in films, games or comics.
Now to plan my next Cos-Play.... ;D

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