Free Range - Truman Brewery - London Art Exhibition - 'Departure'

by - 12:18

At the beginning of July I was part of the Free Range exhibition at The Truman Brewery in London.
It's an opportunity for graduate Creative students who have just left University to showcase their work in a London environment.

For our University there were 37 students taking part, and we spent a lot of time and effort fundraising and planning the event, so it really was rewarding to finally get to the outcome.
I was really pleased with how the whole exhibition looked in the end, and it was interesting to see my work within a different and less white or 'clean' environment.

Even though it was quite stressful leading up to the the final week, I am definitely glad that I took part and am proud to say that I have now had some of my art work exhibited in London :)

Token cheesy photograph of me next to my work!

And a cheeky photo of Rach jumping in the way ;D

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