McBusted Tour

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Before we get into this post, I need to make it aware about my love for Mcfly and Busted.
Busted were the first gig that I ever saw when I was 11 years old, and I still remember how excited I was, and my strange purple themed outfit. McFly supported busted for this tour, and since then (and the devastating split of Busted...) McFly have been my favourite band, from being 11 to being 22!
I think all together I have seen Mcfly six times.
I just love them, okay! ;D

So, back to the concert!
I went with my sister, and it was nice to have a night out with her, pretending 
like it was old times, going to concerts together and getting excited.
We had a close yet side view, and it was AMAZING!
There are not many gigs that include so much awesome yet crazy stuff, including a Delorean, space ship stage, wedding dresses, time travel and inflatable boobs.
Not that I'm biased or anything, but from all the concerts I've been to, they have never compared to a McFly / McBusted concert, they just have this crazy and hilarious atmosphere and chemistry that no other gig does, and I love it!

Now if there is proof of my love for McFly and Busted... it would be if I went to see them twice... which is what I totally did! :D
The second time I went with my two friends, Brother, Cousin and Auntie, and it was just 
as good as the first day!
This time we were at a slightly better angle, which was good to see the show from another point of view (and nearer to Dougie ;D)

Night Two:

I am so glad that I went, even for both nights!
I really really, do love them :D :D

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