OOTD - Blue Sky

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These are my current new favourite trousers, I bought them about two weeks ago, when I only just had enough in my account to buy them before pay day, but I couldn't resist.
They are the perfect balance between comfy and stylish, which is exactly the kind of thing that I like!
I have worn them at least five times since I got them, because they are just so easy to wear and style.

I got the top yesterday, when I quickly popped into Primark. It's one of those really nice £4 tops they have been doing, and I must have about 6 of them, because who can turn down a simple yet nice top for that price!
It originally had a longer bit at the bottom, but I decided to cut it off, as I didn't like how long it was, but loved the subtle colour too much to take it back.
Little warning... I do love to cut up clothes!

This is a typical outfit for me; mainly monochrome, but with a hint of colour and texture.
Simple yet nice!

I've also been wearing these shoes A LOT
For ages I have been hunting for some chunky cut out boots, that don't have a heel and didn't cost a ridiculous amount!
and I finally found them in these Primark boots for £15.
I plan on doing a separate post about them, as I want to see how many different way I can style them,
Patterned and frilly sock at the ready!

Top - Primark
Trousers - New Look - Here
Shoes - Primark
Leather Jacket - Ebay

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