OOTD - Comfy Driving Outfit

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So here is my first attempt at an outfit post, or an OOTD!
Over the past 5ish years I have been VERY into clothes, and love making new outfits and trying out new ways of wearing what I have, and I've always been tempted to try to create a fashion blog, so here I am!

This is the outfit that I wore to drive to Kent last week.
I was mainly thinking about being comfortable, yet I wanted to have a stylish edge, that wasn't just boring.
I had recently purchased this lightweight jacket and really wanted to wear it as soon as I could, so I based the outfit around this, and kept everything else simple with leggings and a long black top.
Honestly, I added the hat for the sake of these photographs, but took it off afterwards as it might get annoying to drive with.

So there we go!
there is now posing fashion pictures of me on the internet, no turning back now....
But I honestly love looking at these kind of posts on other blogs, so why not!
It will be an interesting thing to look back on and see how my style and I have changed.
Hopefully I can do more of these now that I've figured it out a bit.

Top - Sainsbury's
Leggings - Primark
Jacket - New Look  -  Here
Hat - H&M 
Shoes - Primark
Watch - Ebay -  Here

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