OOTD - Stripes!

by - 12:33

I wore this the other day just for a casual and comfy outfit for lounging around the house in with the boy.
I don't know what it is about stripes... but I can never get enough of wearing them!
I probably own about twenty items of clothing with stripes on, maybe even more, but they just have this easy sophisticated feel about them, and they just look good with everything.
This isn't even my top... it's my mums that I may have stolen for months, because I just couldn't resist the striped... sorry mum!

The skirt is another simple item, that should go with everything, yet I've owned it for months and this is the first time I've worn it. I think I just have a weird relationship with skirts, where I have to be in a certain mood to wear them, as I'm not that girly, so they don't feel like me when I wear them.
Does anyone else get that?

I tried taking the photo's in a different location to spice it up a little bit, and am happy with how they came out, so I'm going to try and get more different background for my looks.

Taking pictures in my garden means that my little adorable cat Poppy always comes to investigate every time, like 'what are you doing human!?'
So I thought I'd just get her involved aha.

She's a pretty little thing! :)

Jumper - Borrowed
Cirlcle Skirt - Matalan
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Primark

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