Reading Festival - Saturday 23rd

by - 19:20

I went to Reading Festival for the first time this year, but only for the Saturday... mainly for Arctic Monkeys!
The day was spent hanging around and eating food and wandering from tent to tent 
with my three mates from Uni.
It was pretty chilled out (apart from the occasional drunk... or guy dressed as a banana) and I'm 
really glad that I went!

The festival has loads of little stalls selling interesting things that you either need or just want, as well as such a huge choice of food! (We went for chips at lunch and Pasta for dinner - Yum!)

Before the festival I didn't really know much about Jake Bugg, and hadn't really
listened to him... or so I thought!
When listening to his set (which was amazing) I realised that I actually had heard and knew
the words to four or five of his songs!

So now I plan to go on a little downloading spree of his songs, as I really liked them!

And of course... Arctic Monkeys.
They were probably the main event for most people on the Saturday, but we had purposely bought the tickets with them in mind, and I would not change that at all!
They. We're. Amazing.
They played all the classics, as well as their more known songs from the new album.
The atmosphere in the crowd, and just seeing Alex Turner being all sexy, whilst combing his hair and smoking a cigarette on stage, was just ridiculously cool.

The only thing that I would fault about the day, would be the amount of times that I nearly got pee'd on.... as well as having a full weekend ticket so that I could have fan-girled over Paramore and Blink-182
But I guess I just have to go again next year!

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