Wales - Mini Getaway

by - 20:23

At the beginning of August, me and the boy took a last minute trip to Wales for a couple of days.
I've been to Wales before, but it never fails to amaze me how beautiful and quiet it is.
We went for three days, accompanied by Alfie the dog :D and stayed in a little Chalet/flat type
thing on the land of The Craig Cottage, which was really charming and cute!

It was so nice to just relax and chill out without any responsibilities apart from walking Alf, which
led to cute little walks and watching A LOT of Breaking Bad.
Even though we didn't particularly do much, it was such a nice couple of days
(if a bit eerily quiet at night) and it was fun to just hang out and cuddle, and eat loads of crappy food!

We went to a pub just down the road one night for dinner, called The Castle Inn and... oh my... It was delicious.
We were recommended their steak and ale pie, which was very rightly named 'The King Of Pies' 
and it was DEFINITELY the best pie I have ever eaten!
The locals were confused and surprised that I had ordered it instead of the boy!
(Which I was quite proud of ;D)

Awhhh, look at us being cute :D

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