Baggy Stripes

by - 13:11

Slouchy and comfy for a lazy day just hanging out at home.

This is one of my favourite finds in a charity shop, I do love a little nose around 
charity and second hand shops, as I think they can be so interesting and if 
you're lucky, have some really nice clothes in, and they are so cheap, I just can't resist!

And here's a picture of my beautiful cat, she got hit by a car last night, but she was a lucky little thing, as all she has is a few cuts and bruises.
So I shall be cuddling her ridiculous amounts until she's back to normal :)

 ❤  Jumper - Charity Shop   
 ❤  Shorts - Primark   
 ❤  Tights - Primark   
 ❤  Shoes - Primark   
 ❤  Back Pack - Primark   

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