Cut-Out Boots - Five Different Ways

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I've been searching for some cut out boots for quite a while, and I finally got the PERFECT pair 
in this pair from Primark for £15.
(I love you Primark...)

They are the type of shoes that will go with EVERYTHING, so I thought I'd see how many 
different ways I could style them.
I came up with five different styles; Simple, Frilly Socks, Tights, Knee Highs and Contrasting, as a basis for me to style the boots.

so here they are!

❤   Simple  

Styling them simple for when your outfit is already quite vibrant and patterned, or when you want to have quite a 'grown up' look.
This styling would also be good for formal events or interviews. 

 ❤   The Frilly socks   

Adding frilly socks underneath the boots is a perfect way to inject some girly-ness into an edgy outfit, or just go double girly and add it to a pretty dress for a night out.

❤    Tights    ❤ 

Wearing the boots with tights shows that these could very easily transition 
into autumn and winter outfits.
And why keep the tights black when there is so many variations of colours, patterns 

and designs for tights!

  ❤    Knee Highs   ❤ 

Perfect for adding a bit of warmth in the autumn evenings, or that extra 
something to a festival outfit.

❤   The Contrast  

Why keep it simple when you can have fun with your outfits?
Adding some funky socks to an otherwise simple look is just one way to inject some personality and individual style into your outfits.
I like how these socks creates a contrast between the blackness of the leather and 
the colours and patterns in the socks.

I hope this has given some people a bit of inspiration to not always play it safe.Because it's a lot more fun if you don't!

 ❤  Cut Out-Boots - Primark   
   ❤  All socks and tights - Primark   

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