OOTD - Checked Dress

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I've had this dress for a couple of months now, and I remember seeing it hanging up and being like 'I MUST HAVE THIS NOW'
It's basically everything I would ever want in a dress.
It's monochrome, checked, comfy, has contrasting pockets, and has a 60's vibe to it.
(It could do with being a teeny bit longer... but I'll just pretend)

It is definitely becoming my go to dress, for when I have to get dressed for something quite fancy quickly.
It's just so easy, and doesn't take much thought, but looks really nice, as if you've been thinking for hours.... Sneaky dress.

I wore this outfit for a family meal out for my dads 53rd birthday. Bless him, getting old!
I always enjoy going for meals with my crazy family, as we all get a bit too loud and hyper around each other and food.... it's quite funny really!

My favourite bag has finally had its debut on the blog!
I've basically worn this bag with every outfit I have uploaded on here so far, but I've just always forgotten to get my bag when taking pictures.
It's just such a good size, and I like all the compartments, and It's just easy to grab the same bag everyday. And because my wardrobe is mainly monochrome, it goes with all my outfits and injects a bit of wanted colour... Plus it is beautiful!

   ❤  Checked Dress - Primark   
  ❤ ❤  Cut Out Boots - Primark   
 ❤  Pastel Blue Satchel - Camden Market   

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