OOTD - Checks And Burgundy

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Gotta love some pattern clashing and wearing a hat to make your day more interesting!
This outfit is kind of a mix between comfy and stylish, with the vans and the hat being quite contrasting.
My sister got these American Vans for me from New York when I was about 15, and I remember
not really liking them because I wanted the standard black and white checked pair that EVERYONE had, but now I absolutely love how unique these are!
Also, they are pretty good at adding a different edge and some colour to my very monochrome wardrobe.

I bought this jumper about a week ago whilst in Kent, from M&S in the sale.
And. I. Love. It.
The pattern is SO nice, it's the perfect balance between lairy yet simple, and it really
can be the feature of a simple outfit.
The deciding factor when I was buying it was the leather detailing on the collar.
It makes the jumper more interesting and unique, and makes it seem more expensive than it was.
(£12 - Bargain!)

 ❤  Bowler Hat - H&M   
 ❤  Checked Jumper - M&S   
 ❤  Joni Jeans - Topshop   
 ❤  American Vans - Vans   

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