OOTD - Crop and Spots

by - 08:00

This crop top is quite an unusual thing for me to buy and wear.
I've never been one for tight tops, as I don't like how it draws attention to my boobs.
I've always lived by the rule of tight on the bottom and loose on the top, but as part of me experimenting with clothes I thought I would try and break this habit.

This top is the perfect starter for getting me out of that idea. even though it is tight, the long sleeves don't make it feel too revealing or exposed.
For now I'm going to pair this top mainly with trousers, as tight shorts might feel too much, but who knows, maybe one day I'll just feel brave enough.

I really liked the pastel blue colour of the top, and the shape of the neckline, it's a very flattering top and it feels good to wear something out of my usual comfort zone.

I paired the outfit with these shoes, as I thought it made it overall feel more casual, and I also wanted to wear them, as they have been hiding in the cupboard for months.
During the last term of University earlier on in the year I pretty much wore these shoes every single day as I was stressing way too much to care about clothes and these went with everything and were ridiculously comfortable.
So I thought I'd give them a day out :)

 ❤  Blue Crop Top - New Look   
 ❤  Spotty Jeggings - Tu at Sainsbury's   
 ❤  Back Pack - Primark   
 ❤  White Canvas Shoes - Primark   

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