OOTD - Daisies

by - 08:00

I absolutely love how this hat just finishes off any outfit.
Without it, this would be quite a standard look, but it just sets it off so nicely!

I bought these jeans from Ebay with the hope that they would be like a cheap version of Topshops Joni Jeans. They are in a way, but they don't fit anywhere near as nicely as Joni Jeans do.
Ah well, I still like them a lot!

The daisy tops is the only thing I own from Peacocks.
It's one of them shops that mainly sells basics, so I never really look in there, but I saw this through the window and had to buy it!
It's not one of my go to tops when I don't have time to think about an outfit, as it just goes with everything. 

 ❤  Daisy Top - Peacocks   
 ❤  Jeans - Ebay   
 ❤  Hat - H&M   
 ❤  Spotty Frilly Socks - Primark   
 ❤  Cut Out Boots - Primark   

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