Favourite High Street store - Perfect Wishful Outfit

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New look is definitely my favourite high street store... and seeing as I only shop 
on the high street, it is just my favourite in general!

I've been shopping at New Look throughout my young teenage years till now, and I can honestly say that I find it so hard to leave without buying something, because everything is just always so nice!

I feel that as a shop, new look follows trends, yet doesn't limit themselves to this.
I have items that I bought years ago, that can still very easily fit into my style now.
Their clothes are so long lasting, and end up being wardrobe staples that, if you buy 
wisely, could be in your style for a long time to come!

So, The outfit;

I don't really have much money lately, as I'm trying to save up for the future, moving out, buying a new car and other grown-up stuff (Scary!) 

Because of this I've been quietly looking from afar at all the nice clothes 
and just wishing that they were mine!
So, I thought I'd put together a perfect wishful outfit, that I would just love to wear right now.
I can pretend, right?

My style is quite monochrome orientated, so as a base I stuck to this and then chose some pieces to add in some blocks of colour and different textures.
Even though this is a wish list outfit... I'm still thinking practically aha, and thinking about 
the wear-ability of these items with other things that I own.
I like how all of these items could be taken out individually and styled in a completely different way for different seasons and occasions.

My favourite items from these are definitely the skirt and the bag.
The scalloped edge on the skirt adds a different cute detail to a staple item that gives it an individual
look within the outfit, and the simple a-line shape would be flattering and go with anything.
The bag.... the bag is just beautiful!
It's so simple and classic and just so nice. the colouring means it would go with every outfit, and would add a modern and sophisticated edge to an otherwise grungy outfit, which I think would look really nice!

 ❤  Fedora Hat    
 ❤  Purple Floral Jacket    
 ❤  Lace Crop Top    
 ❤  Pink Socks    
 ❤  Two Tone Boots    
 ❤  Scalloped Edge Skirt    
 ❤  Beautiful Bag    
 ❤  Triangle Necklace    
 ❤  Mint Sunglasses    

The whole outfit costs £126.93, Which personally I don't think is too bad!
It's quite a relatively small amount for 9 staple items that can be interchanged
and worn multiple different ways for a number of years.
But for now, I will just wish for them!

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