Graduation Dress Planning

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Earlier on this year I finished my degree in Fine Art, and because of this in November I will be graduating!

I've already had a graduation once before, when I finished a Foundation Degree two years ago, and from this I've learnt what I don't want from a dress!
The robes are so big and bulky, that the dress underneath kind of gets lost.
Last time I wore a dark patterned floaty dress, and I completely wish I didn't.

The neck was too high, and the floaty-ness just made me look all frumpy
So I won't be doing that again!
I've decided this time, that a more structured and fitted dress is definitely the way forward.
I also want something that is a bit more exciting than the dress above, and to also not wear tights! (and also not to have a full fringe being pushed in my eyes from the hat!).
So I've been hunting around for the perfect dress, and here are my picks at the moment!


first of all I was thinking of a simple dress, something structured and slim fitting.
This way, it would fit quite nicely and still show off that I am a human under the gown.
I also thought red was a nice option, as it would be a nice contrast against the black, and would stand out but not too much.
I think that the third dress, from New Look, is so so nice, but I'm not sure 
if it would be too long!?


But then at the same time, I was thinking 'Maybe patterns would look okay, if they weren't so dull and if they were tight / structured!'
... so off I went searching for something to fit that!
And these were the contenders for this area!
They are definitely not as dull or boring as the previous dress I wore, but I'm still not sure how they would look.
I think that the middle two would be a lot better, mainly because of the slim fitting of the dresses.
(but the dress on the right is stunning... had to put it in to look at!)
I'd like to  think they would both go with the gown, being tight, and as they both have quite a lot of black / dark colouring in them.


And then I remembered my love for checks... and dogtooth.
Oh I do love a good pattern!
I think that all of these would look stunning under a graduation robe, I'm possibly swaying away from the red dress, for the length (I've always felt weird in a midi, no idea why!)
The first two are the right amount of uniqueness and style, without being too bright or bold, and again, because they have a large amount of dark in them, they would look right under the black robes.

.... Now I actually need to decide!
What one do you think would look better for a graduation?

(All dresses from Topshop, New Look and Boohoo)

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