OOTD - Cat Jumper

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I absolutely love cats, so I had to buy a cat jumper.
The end!

... No, but really that kind of was what happened, haha.
I bought this jumper last winter from Ebay, because I just had to show my love for the beautiful animals through clothing. That's completely normal, right?
Besides the fact that it's a cat, I really like this jumper, it's a bit different to all the other jumpers I own, having a statement design on the front, as well as a slightly cropped and boxy shape, that just adds a little something else to an outfit.

I paired it with my favourite lazy floral pants, which I live in at the moment!
You just can't beat comfort!

I only wore this around the house for the day, but if I was going out, I would pair it with a leather jacket and then a bright contrasting patterned scarf.
And then I'd be off all snuggly and comfy for the day!

 ❤  Jumper - Ebay   
 ❤  Joggers - New Look   
 ❤  Boots - Primark   

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