OOTD - Red Cardigan

by - 11:16

So I found the perfect place in my room to take outfit posts now that the weather is getting pretty horrid!
I wasn't sure If the angle would be wide enough, but it's fine, yay!

This outfit is just another classic lazy and comfy Sam outfit, because I'm all for comfort!
I thought I'd get some wear from these trousers in before it gets too cold and wet, so I won't be 
able to wear them.
I added this fluffy faux rabbit hair cardigan over the top, because it is getting so cold outside lately, that all I want to do is be all snuggly!

I purposely tried to clash patterns in this outfit, as I think it makes a look more unique and exciting, and because they are all of similar colouring and shades, it still works together!

 ❤  Cardigan - Primark  ❤ 
 ❤  Stripy top - Matalan  ❤ 
 ❤  Joggers - New Look  ❤ 
 ❤  Head Band - Primark  ❤ 
 ❤  Boots - Primark  ❤ 

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