OOTD - Red Checked Scarf

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I do love a good scarf!
I bought this beauty the other day from Primark, I kind of tricked myself into thinking that I needed it for the cold walk back to my car after work, as I have to park far away to avoid paying.
It was only £5, so I thought why not! and it did come in handy, as it started to chuck it down with rain when I was half way!
I think scarfs are just so handy for the autumn, for obvious practical reasons, and also how they add style points to any outfit, whether it's adding some colour to something plain, or adding contrast to make an outfit more edgy.
and plus I just like hugging them when they are all soft and new!

This is a pretty standard autumn outfit really, tights, long jumper, leather jackets and boots.
And then the scarf just ties it all together nicely.

My love for these boots are steadily growing!
I bought them from a car boot sale, just with a cos-play outfit in mind.
They were only £2.50 and I thought, that they would do.
But when I wore them, I realised how ridiculously comfy they are, and thought that they would make some sturdy winter boots!
I also love how beaten and scruffy they already look, which adds a nice grungy edge to outfits!

 ❤  Jumper - H&M   
 ❤  Boots - Second Hand / Boot Sale    
 ❤  Scarf - Primark   
 ❤  Leather Jacket - Ebay   

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