Scarves - Adding to a simple outfit.

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We've all had them days were we can't be bothered to think about dressing properly, trying to make this go with this, that with that, and we just want to be as lazy and simply dressed as we can.
So we choose a simple outfit and go!

The great thing about when it starts to get into autumn, and the weather gets a bit colder, is that we can totally get the scarves out and start rocking them with these simple outfits!

I really do love a scarf. It's like having your bed covers or a blanket with you all day.
What more could you want!

So I thought I would show you my (kinda) little scarf collection, and how they all can jazz up a simple outfit.

I started off with this fairly standard autumn outfit, black jeans and a pastel jumper.
Very plain, yet equally comfy and amazing on cold days that are too much effort.

Completely by coincidence, my scarves seemed to have a theme, half of them were quite light coloured and plain, while the other half were bright and patterned.
So I thought I'd separate them into these two groups!

1: Scottish scarf, all the way from Scotland!    2: Knitted by my mum    3: Sainsburys

This first group adds a subtle hint of contrasting colour and texture to the outfit, and overall make the looks more exciting and original.
I love how mixing pastel colours creates a kind of theme, so the outfit comes across as more planned and put together than it really is.

My favourite out of these three is the first scarf.
I was bought this scarf as a present last Christmas from my Auntie. It's all the was from Scotland (as I love Scotland!) and is hand made from a little sheep farm!
I just think it's so unique and comfy, and really like the contrasting patterned ends.

1: Primark, last year    2: Matalan    3: Primark, this year

The second group of scarves have a lot more impact on the whole outfit.
I love putting a pop of colour and pattern into outfits, to make them stand out a little bit more, and a brightly coloured scarf is the perfect way to do this!
If you wore these with just a simple black leather jacket, you would be more than ready to go!

My favourite from these thee is definitely the red and white checked scarf.
It's the newest in my collection, and oh myyyy is it warm and comfy!
I've basically been wearing it every day as it seems to go with everything, and I'm just basically
in completely in love with it!

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