Tartan Skort

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I recently had a bit of a splurge at New Look, as I managed to bag myself a Christmas temp job there, which means 50% off! (yayyayayay!)
I thought that I'd try and get things that I don't really already own, so that my wardrobe expands, rather than just buying similar stuff all the time.
One of the things that I bought was this pair of red checked skorts. I don't own any skorts and I don't have any checked bottoms apart from leggings, so I thought that these 
were something new to add to my wardrobe!
 Then the velvet scrunchie was within a pack of three, and I couldn't resist!

Then the top was a staple buy... but... it was only like £4 with my discount, and black tee's are always useful! That's the excuse I told myself anyway.
This whole look is very 90's... and I love it!
I'm a little bit late on the 90's trend, but I've really started liking it recently, it's grown on me.
I bought a few other things from New Look, but I'm sure I will show them in my next few looks.

 ❤  Cami Top - New Look   
 ❤  Tartan Skort - New Look   
 ❤  Tights - Primark   
 ❤  Leather Jacket - Ebay   
 ❤  Scarf - Primark   
 ❤  Velvet Scrunchie - New Look   

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