Two Year Life Plan

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I think it's a good idea in life to have goals and to aim as high as you want to.
Lately I've been thinking about this, and what I want to have achieved in the next two years of my life, so I thought I'd write it down and share it on my blog.

  ❤   Moving out  ❤   

The main thing that I want to definitely have done within two years, is moved out. It's quite a reasonable thing really, to want to have moved out by the age of 25!
For years I've always felt too young in myself and didn't feel ready to move out, but since finishing university, I feel a lot more stable and ready for the jump.

I would love a little flat that was still quite near home, so I didn't feel too far away!
I am so excited though, to be able to have my own space and to be able to decorate it in anyway that I wanted (So so excited!)
I'm already planning about colours and themes in my head :D

  ❤   New Car  ❤   

Currently I have a red Vauxhall Corsa, which I've had since passing my test, and as much as I love it, and it has seen me through a lot of things over the years, It's not particularly pretty.... It's really faded, and has scratches and dents in quite a few places!
What I really want, is a cute little old fashioned car, and that is definitely a Nissan Figaro.
Geeze they are beautiful!
I've had my eye on them for about a year now, and whenever I see one (Three lucky people drive around in them in my town, sob) I get so excited!
I love anything pastel and vintage, so they are basically perfect for me!
I like the pastel blue and green colours the best, but I would have any of the colours, they are all beautiful!

So it might be a long shot, as they are a little expensive and there are only a limited amount in England.... but I would absolutely love to own on of these beauties in two years!

  ❤   Blog  ❤   

I started this blog just over a month ago, and so far I've written fifty two posts, and I have one follower, yay!
I'm very aware that it's hard to get noticed in the blogging world, and that it takes a lot of work to get yourself out there, and I'm very determined to give this my best shot!
I've been debating starting a fashion blog for a very long time, and now that I've finally decided to, I'm really really enjoying it!
It's making me feel creative and like I am achieving something, which is rewarding in my post university state.

So within two years, I would like to still be writing this blog!
Realistically I think that having at least 100 followers by this point is achievable, and I would be so happy with this!
I just want to be able to share my opinions and maybe inspire other people :).

I'm half debating making a fashion Youtube channel, to go along side my blog, but I'm not completely sure yet.
So maybe within two years, this could be a goal too.

  ❤   Travel  ❤   

I absolutely 100% want to travel more as soon as I can.
I haven't really been to many places, as my family are keen lovers of a classic English holiday and my mum is terrified of flying. Because of this, I didn't go on a plane until I was 19.
So far I have been to Scotland, Wales, Berlin, Paris and Malaga.

I've always felt like if given the chance, I would be such a little traveller.
From now on, I'm going to make opportunities for myself to go travelling as often as money will let me!
The places that I am most keen on visiting, are Paris (as I don't remember because I was Five!), Rome, Venice and America, So if I could have these ticked off the list within two years, I would be so proud!

  ❤   Artist  ❤   

One of the reasons that I took the plunge and started this blog was because earlier in the year I finished University with a 2:1 in Fine Art.
And since then, I've been trying to figure out ways to be creative within my everyday life (hence the blog), as I know practically I'm not going to be able to earn a living through being an artist straight away.
At the moment, the idea of creating art or taking photographs are taking a back burner, as I need to save money for the things above that I want to achieve in the next two years.
I really don't want to lose sight of how much I want to be an artist, so I'm setting myself a goal, in two years time I want to at least have more of an idea of how I could start making a living creatively, whether that be a little bit of a plan with a bit of practice, or a full blown business plan, but I just don't want to get that stage in my life and realise that I've just slowly given up or forgotten about it.

Or if it's possible, I would be love to have a little business already set up, making work or selling photographs on the side. Just anything creative would be amazing!

  ❤   Tattoos  ❤   

I've always loved tattoos.
They can look so pretty, and I like how they can represent you as a person, and tell a story about what you are interested in, things about your past, your future and just anything about you.
If I got a tattoo I would want it to be personal to me, and to be in black and white.
I love the way that the feathers and roses look, but I don't feel that these have any relevance to me as a person, (yet at least!) but they look so damn beautiful.

My top choices would be a camera or a single bird in flight (I know it's a bit of a clichéd tattoo, but I can totally relate to it!).
but if I had to choose now, I would definitely get a tattoo of my Grandads camera (that he gave to me) on my wrist, because that would always mean something to me and would have multiple meanings.

so the goal is to have a at least one tattoo within the next two years.... now to just get over my fear of needles!

I think that these six things are very achievable within two years, and really hope that I can get as many of the ticked off my list!
I'm aware that things could change between now and then, and I could change my mind on certain things, but for now, these are my life goals, and I'm pretty damn excited to get on with them :D

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