White Shirt

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I've had this shirt for ages, and for some reason I've only worn it once... I don't know why, because I really like it and it fits so nicely. I think it might be because it annoys me how you have to wear a top underneath, and then you can see the line of it at the top... if you know what I mean.
Anyway (rambling) I thought I would try and style it so that I can stop wasting the clothes I already own.
I went for a simple style for the first time, and paired it with black joni jeans, checked scarf and fur collared denim jacket.
I bought this jacket last year on a bit of a whim, and I really didn't like it when I'd got home, so I didn't really wear it.
This year on the other hand... I absolutely love it!
It's a bit oversized, but I can't help but love anything that it this snuggly!

A white shirt is a bit of a contradiction style-wise for me.
It makes me think about being smart and dressing for something formal, like an interview or a day at work, but then it also reminds me of the 70's/80's Mods and skinhead style.
I guess it depends what you wear it with, pencil skirt or Doc Martens....

 ❤  White Shirt - Gok at Sainsburrys   
 ❤  Purple check scarf - Primark   
 ❤  Denim Jacket - Primark   
 ❤  Joni Jeans - Topshop   
 ❤  Boots - Primark   

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