Blue and Green

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Well this is a little bit delayed!
I took these photo's and wore this last week for work, but I've had such a busy (and lazy) week that I haven't got around to editing the pictures and uploading them, woops!

But here is an outfit completely comprised of New Look again... I would say I'm sorry, but I'm really not. I'm just totally in love with the discount!

I need to get in the habit of taking outfit pictures on the days that I'm not working for a bit of variety but I'm usually sleeping at the boyfriends, and being lazy.
From today though, that might change as the Boyfriend has scored himself an awesome full time job! (Yay!) so I'll only be seeing him in the evenings and the weekends when I'm not working (Booooo!)
But I guess that gives me more time to concentrate on this blog, and Christmas shopping!

So, the outfit!
I bought both of these items with the idea of being different in mind.
I don't own any patterned A-line skirts, and I down own anything in the beautiful green colour that is this top, and I don't own any roll necks!
BOOM!... it is all justified spending, right?

Basically I love both items together and separately, and they add a nice bit of colour and excitement to my wardrobe.

I plan on buying these high waisted ripped at the knee jeans (from New Look obviouslyyy) and I think that they would go so perfectly with this jumper!

 ❤  Roll neck Jumper - New look - Here   
 ❤  Pattern Skirt - New Look - Here   
 ❤  Boots - New Look (Old)   

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