Boots For Winter

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Boots are such a winter staple, when it's cold, wet and windy, all you want to do is wrap up warm, and that includes you feet!

My favourite kind of boots for the winter are black, chunky and with buckles on them.
I think that this kind of boot gives outfits a grunge look and edge up the rest of the look, as well as going with practically everything!

Above I have shown examples of how I wear my two favourite pair of boots.
In the midst of Autumn, I have been wearing them with rolled up trousers and light tights, but the colder it gets I will bust out the Primark thick winter tights and thick socks to keep my feet nice and snuggly!

I think my favourite thing about these kind of boots is how battered they can get in the winter, yet still look so cool.
the scruffier the better!

 ❤  Cut Out Boots - Primark   
 ❤  Chunky Boots - New Look   

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