Comic-Con October 2014

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Earlier on in the year in May, I went to Comic-Con for the first time (Post Here) and we all enjoyed it so much that we decided to go again, for the October weekend!

This time I cos-played as my favourite Marvel character (and possibly everyone's) Wolverine!
I'm obviously a big fan of the character and the films, and I thought it would be pretty fun to pretend to be a crazy wolf guy for a day, and it was!

I bought the body suit, mask, belt and dog tags from Ebay, and made the claws myself, which turned out fairly well considering.
It felt pretty damn cool walking around as Wolverine at the Expo, as everyone is dressed up a bit mental and over the top, but walking to and from it on the underground, wearing a bright yellow suit, mask and donning claws made me stand out and look a little bit crazy haha.
But it's all a bit of fun, and I enjoyed being called 'Female Wolverine' throughout the day by strangers.

I didn't get that many photos as it was quite annoying wearing claws and holding a phone, so I just went with the claws!

And here is the standard photo of me and the boy in our outfits and looking cool.
Wolverine and Clarke Kent the power couple! :'D

Time to get thinking about Comic-con outfit number three for May :D

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