Garden Fireworks 2014

by - 08:00

It's become a bit of a tradition at our house to have a little firework display and garden feast 
around guy forks night.
We all wrap up warm, huddle around the chiminea, stuff our faces, and tell stories whilst
watching our little display of explosions!
The previous years that we have done it, the night has started off with me running around our neighbourhood in search for our terrified cat! but finally this year, she was kept inside all safe and happy hiding in the cupboard, bless her :')

Because we were all gathered in the garden, I thought it would be a nice little opportunity to take some family photos and document the night, so that's what I did! 

And then the fireworks were under way!
With Darren and Jack in charge! (kinda dangerously haha)

I always look forward to this night that we have every year, and I'm 
already looking forward to next time :)

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