I Graduated! :D

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On Friday I graduated with a 2:1 in Fine Art! :D yayyyy.
It was an early start at 6:00AM, but totally worth it to spend the day with all the Uni friends together for the first time since finishing.
The ceremony was held at St Albans Abbey, which was beautiful and pretty damn posh!

It was nice to have my mum, dad, brother and nanny there to support me, even if we were stressing out trying to get everything sorted and be there in time!
Even though the day costs a lot of money and it only really lasts for about 3 hours, I still think that the day was so worth it and I'm glad I did it.
It's important to step back sometimes and realise what you have achieved and to appreciate the people who have helped you to get the that stage (soppy!).

The weather just about held out, with only a little spitting of rain, so we set about to having a mass photograph splurge to capture the day!
So prepare yourself for a photo heavy post :D

And now for the family snaps! :)

I'm aware that people always look down on creative subjects but I am so happy that I chose to study something that I knew I would enjoy and find interesting.
Overall I've enjoyed the past 3-4 years of higher art education, and realistically I wouldn't change a thing :)
I've met some amazing people who are now my best friends, expanded as an artist and as a person and I'm very happy right now :D

Cheers Herts Uni! Latersssss

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