Maroon Florals

by - 19:20

I wore this to work the other day, as I was feeling quite laid back and wanted to be comfy 
for the long shift.
I think that this outfit is the perfect example of how and outfit can be both casual and a little bit dressy.
I really love this Jacket, I've worn it a number of times since I bought it as it just adds something different to an outfit and I do love a good pattern.
(In a previous outfit here)

I thought I'd add my Converse to the outfit to add a laid back feel, and I like the colour contrast between the red and the blue (Colour wheel and all that jazz)

I really need to buy a new bag... this one is getting a bit old and falling apart, which makes me so sad as I love it way too much!
I've only had it about 8 months, but It was only £10 from Camden Market, so I guess that's to be expected!
I really want a white or monochrome bag this time, as I plan on getting a pastel coat for winter, so I don't want too much pastels going on!

 ❤  Jacket - New Look   
 ❤  Top - New Look   
 ❤  Jeans - Topshop   
 ❤  Shoes - Converse   
 ❤  Bag - Camden Market   

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