Style Inspiration - Week 17/11/2014

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So I thought I'd start a weekly post (or bi weekly..) about what style I have been lusting over, or inspired by.
A lot of my free time is spent looking at clothes and fashion websites, and I currently work part time at both New Look and Monsoon.... so I see a lot of clothes and styles that I absolutely love.
so, instead of spending all my money, I can just tell you about them, and pretend I bought them!
That might be satisfying enough!

So this week, I am definitely feeling all things Autumn.
I keep finding myself wanting to buy more cute beanies, scarfs, jackets and jumpers (even though I already own so, so many)

I'm just really loving how cosy and bundled up the outfits I keep seeing are.
Layers can be so fashionable if done right, and for someone like me who gets cold ridiculously easily, it's definitely a must!

what to wear in november

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