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I'm going to be honest, my personality and style have never really been that girly.
When growing up I had a hatred for anything pink, frilly or fluffy.
I had no interest in clothes and lived in baggy boys jeans... I was such a little tom boy haha.
flash forward, and I still don't really like pink that much, and I never thought I would wear something with tassels, buttttt I'm trying that whole getting out of my comfort zone idea, so I bought a tasselled kimono.
I actually really really like it.
It was in the sale at New Look, and I did the whole 'I'll just try it on and see', and 
it actually surprised me.
I definitely have a love for patterned kimono's and jackets, so it's not that different.
In my head I thought tassels would be all girly and annoying, but with this kimono, I think it gives off quite a grungy or goth feel to an outfit, which is definitely more my style!

I wore it over a simple outfit so that the kimono would be the main focus, and then I added this cute little flower necklace over the top, and tudahhhh!

 ❤  Kimono - New Look   
 ❤  Boots - New Look   
 ❤  Shorts - New Look (about 4 years ago!)   
 ❤  Necklace -Accesorize   
 ❤  Watch - Ebay   

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