High Neck

by - 20:22

I do like a good slim lined silhouette outfit, and here is a perfect example of this!
Since about the age of 13, once I had outgrown my grunge skater baggy jeans faze (bless) I have literally lived in skinny jeans.
I think that I just like to show off my legs. Not in a 'EVERYONE LOOK AT ME' way, but more in an I'd rather show off my legs than my boobs, and I want to show at least one thing off!
since getting into clothes, I've always lived by the rule of opposites when it comes to clothes, so either baggy on the top and tight at the bottom, or vice versa.
And for me it has always worked and I feel comfortable with it!

The tight (ish) silhouette is continued up with the light green roll neck, which I am really loving wearing lately.
I think they look really chick and laid back, yet add something different to an outfit, that would usually just be jeans and a jumper.

I might try an venture out into boyfriend jeans, I've always been curious... it might take me a while to get used to, but who knows I might like them!

(Also, my hair looks so puffy here.. I don't remember it doing this haha)

 ❤ Green High Neck - New Look   
 ❤ Joni Jeans - Topshop   

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