Subtle Pattern Clash

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I really enjoy how much a coat can change or add to an outfit.
Seeing as it's getting to that time of year where it is bloody freezing and going outside without a coat would make you a crazy person... it's becoming part of my morning outfit routine to plan ahead about how what I am wearing will go with my coats and which one would look better.
(Outfit post on my coats coming soon!)

For this look, I really think that the contrast and block colour of the black coat brings the whole outfit together so nicely.
I still like the outfit without the coat, but the coat makes the pastel jumper seem more light and makes the black in the pattern trousers jump out, which then creates a contrast of light and dark in the overall look.
(Which is totally my go to winter wardrobe... pastels and darks )
The contrast between the light jumper and the darker trousers makes the pattern clash less obvious, and daunting to anyone who wants to explore some pattern clashing, yet doesn't want to stand out too much!
And most importantly, this was a super comfy outfit for work, which is always useful. 
Comfort as well as style!

 ❤ Jumper - New Look   
 ❤ Pattern Trousers - New Look   
 ❤ Coat - Primark (old)   
 ❤ Boots - Primark   

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