Winter Outfit And Youtube

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So here is a standard outfit post from me.... oh wait nope... I decided to start a Youtube channel to run along side this blog, because Yolo!
I think it will be a really nice way for me to be more creative and it will add something more to my outfit posts, as you can almost see the looks in action :)

I'm pretty excited about this, and eager to get going... I just need to find the time to film
and edit them!
I blame this whole actually living in the real world, two jobs, having plans thing.  I'm not used to it!
But I'm gonna try and post a video every week.... maybe two weeks!

I'm really loving the high waisted and crop top combination at the moment, which is quite unusual for me, but I blame the new look discount!
I'm a sucker for checks and pastels, and this is basically my love for them in an outfit.

So here's the video! :)
It's not perfect, but you have to start somewhere right!
And I really enjoyed making it.

Please subscribe if you liked it, or go have a look at some old vlog / videos I make from some holidays :)

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