January Trend Loving // High Necks

by - 21:12

When the high neck and roll necks came back in fashion I was a little bit sceptical, because it reminds me so much of being young and a 90's kid.
I totally had a stage when I was about 13 of wearing roll necks with crimped hair and thinking I was SO COOL.
To be fair that all has totally come back again now.... so maybe I was haha.

But after a while I kinda caught the bug (I blame working at New Look over Christmas) and that was it, I was hooked.
I now own about 5, and wear them regularly!
There is just something quite clean cut and classic about how they fit with an outfit.
The ones that I own are mostly quite tight, and I really want a massively oversized cosy roll neck that can just swallow me up after long days and become a duvet on the move!

What do you think of the high neck trend?

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