Lush Bath Bomb // Christmas Eve, Moonlight Soak // Review

by - 17:27

Remember when I posted about the first time I used a bath bomb here?
And how I said that I still had two others left to try?... well Here is the second from the present I got!
this one is called 'Christmas Eve, Moonlight Soak' and look like an adorable moon at night.

Now since the last bath bomb went so well, I had high expectations for this one!
Seeing as the colours of the bomb were yellow and purple, I was pretty excited to see what colour the water would go this time!

So I ran my bath, threw it in the water andddd..... nothing.

Turns out it's not a bath bomb, but a bubble bar.
Which means no crazy fizziness and colour, which I was expecting, instead it just sunk to the bottom looking a bit sad haha.

BUT.... once I realised that it wasn't broken, I realised how nice it smelt, and how when I rubbed it between my fingers, how soft it made my skin.
It turned the bath a nice subtle greeny / blue colour, and created nice little cute bubbles everywhere.


I'm going to be honest, and say that I was a little bit disappointed in the lack of excitement, but I still really enjoyed the product. I guess I'm just more of a bath bomb kinda girl!

I'm looking forward to trying out my final Lush product from this present, and I know that this one is definitely a bath bomb :D

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