Lush Newby // Santa Bath Bomb // Review

by - 09:42

I might have been one of the very few people in today's world who has never tried a Lush product before this week.
But to my excited surprise at Christmas, I received a box of Lush bath bombs as a gift from my boyfriends family.
And of course the first one that I wanted to try out was Santa himself!

Now, I'd heard a lot about Lush's bath bombs, and that they have a reputation for being awesome.
So I kinda had high hopes, so off I went to run a bath, camera at the ready to capture the craziness about to happen in my bath, and geeze I was not disappoint

I'm used to normal bath bombs, with a bit off fizz, but ol' Santa here had different Ideas!
First of all the fizz was INSTANT, and freaking amazing! as soon as it touched the water there was pink fizz coming out in heaps, and I got a wee bit too excited haha.
And if that wasn't enough, half way through the pink explosion, my bath also started to turn BRIGHT green.

Now I had no idea that Santa had a sneaky little centre, so I was momentarily worried and confused, but then all excited once again.
So, once the bath bomb had worked it's magic, I ended up with a bright green bath, with some nice fancy foam on the top, It smelt quite nice,
(Going to be honest, I don't have the best sense of smell in the world!)
and a VERY excited and satisfied Sammi.

I have two other bath bombs left from the present, and to say that I'm looking forward to having another bath so that I can use them is an understatement.
So look out for the reviews of them on the blog too!
Can you guess what they are yet? Sneakily peeking there way out of the box!

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