Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation // Review

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I got this foundation for Christmas, after years of being curious and wanting to try it.
Being a pale skinned person (go pale skin!) I find it quite hard to find foundation that is light enough and doesn't have an orange tone to it, as this just looks silly on me.
Now that I've used it for about a month, I feel that I can give my honest opinion on the foundation.

Packaging wise, It is really quite nice, it's simple and small enough to carry around, and the shape of the tub fits really nicely into the palm of your hand. The lid is tight, so there won't be any mess and it has a good amount of product for the money.

Now onto the actual foundation.
At first, I wasn't too impressed, It had an orange tone to it, wasn't spreading on my skin properly and made my skin dry when I applied it (this could potentially be the cold weather though)
BUT, this was when applying it to my face with my fingers (yes I'm that person)
So, I thought I would try it out with a make up brush, as everyone always goes on about how this is so much better for the skin, and for blending and applying foundation.
So off I trotted to buy a make up brush and try it out this way, and you know what? it made SUCH a difference!
The foundation blended a lot better, which meant that the colour wasn't orange any more as it had been spread out more evenly.
My skin wasn't as dry, and I decided that I really liked this stuff!

It suits my tone a lot better than before, and this stays put for longer than the previous make up routine I used.
Overall I'm pretty happy with it! It still has a tendency to dry my skin out a little bit, but I think this is just because of the dry weather.

I think I've found my new favourite base product!

Has anyone else tried this?
What do you think of the foundation?

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