My Everyday Make-up // Sammi Leanne // Youtube

by - 22:41

We're all a bit nosey really aren't we?
One of my favourite video's to watch is make up tutorials, specifically for pale skin as this is what I struggle with most.
Power to the pale girls!
So I thought why not make my next video about how I like to do my make up, with
my pale skin and lazy nature in mind.

So, here is my first 'beauty' video, me doing my everyday make up, not professionally
in any manner, and probably wrong, but ahwell!

Products used:

 ❤  Simple  -  Light moisturiser   
 ❤  Rimmel  - Match Perfection 2 in 1 concealer   
 ❤  Rimmel   - Stay Matte face powder   
 ❤  Rimmel -  Santa Rose blush   
 ❤  Primark, Ps Love  -  black pen liner   
 ❤  Primark, Ps Love  -  Eye Brow Kit   
 ❤  Rimmel  -  Extra Super Lash mascara   

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