OOTD // Stripes And Fedora // Sammi Leanne

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I got a black fedora hat for Christmas, and I feel like all my outfit problems are solved!
(Maybe a bit dramatic but meh)
Just by putting it on my head with literally every outfit, I instantly feel like A. the outfit works SO much better, and B. that I am now the bees knees.
I Just love it!

This little ensemble is what I wore for a fairly laid back day of blogging and a quick bit of charity shopping. That is a dream day for me right there!
I wanted something that was stylish, yet comfy, so enter super soft jumper and swing dress.
And of course my new best friend in hat form...

I'm really happy with this outfit.
Not only does it look like I've put way much more effort in than I did, I also managed to make this dress work! It's one of them items that I've had for a while yet haven't actually worn.
It's a bit too big at the top, even thought it's the right size, which is annoying. It just hangs down too low, but the jumper solves this problem! :D

Because I loved the outfit so much, I decided to shoot some video while I was outside, which resulted in a little OOTD video up on my YouTube channel! 
Have a little look if you want to see the outfit in motion :)

 ❤  Jumper: New Look   
 ❤  Striped Dress: H&M   
 ❤  Fedora Hat: A Gift  // H&M   
 ❤  Boots: A Gift   
 ❤  Leather Jacket : Ebay   

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