OOTD // Tweed Blazer

by - 10:00

I've been going through my wardrobes, looking for things that I don't like any more or necessarily need, and I'm going to sell some things on Ebay, and give some to the charity shop.
As I was looking, I kept on coming across things that I forgot I had... and then started 
to fall in love with again.
It's such a pain, I wanted to sell loads and make money, and now I want to keep half of it... oops haha

This Tweed / Dogtooth blazer was amongst the things that re-caught my eye.
I remember how much I loved it, but had a dislike for the boxy shoulder pads, so I 
didn't wear it much.
I would still prefer it without the big shoulders, but I actually like them a lot more than I used to.
I think that individual shapes, that are outside of what's in fashion are so much more interesting to look at, and add something different to an outfit.

Why is something that is deemed 'old fashioned' looked upon in a negative way?
I think I'm going to embrace the big shoulder and more vintage looking style and show of this lovely blazer a lot more!

\\   Tweed Jacket - Ebay   //
\\   Crop Top - New Look   //
\\   Shorts - H&M   //
\\     Boots - A Gift   //

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