OOTD // Vintage Flowers

by - 23:07

This style of outfit feels quite nostalgic for me, as it was the kind of thing that I Wore TO DEATH, basically every day about two years ago.
I was really digging the vintage / granny chic look that was going around, and when I re-discovered this old favourite jumper of mine, I remembered why.

Compared to the simplistic shapes and monochrome and grungy style that I have slowly gravitated to over the last few years, this is such a pretty and girly contrast.

The crispness of the white, and the delicate embroidered details are so damn unique against everything on the high street.
I love the idea that something vintage has a past, and that only a select few people may have this exact jumper.
The cuts are different, the style is different, making the outfit feel and look different.
I loved the idea of not following the trends completely, but picking bits that I liked about them and incorporating it in a vintage way.

I think it's time I started getting back into this whole look again. I miss it!

Hat - H&M
Jumper - Vintage
Shorts - New Look
Boots - A Present

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