Start a fresh - 2015

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So 2014 was the year that I started a blog and a Youtube channel, eh?
Well check me out! It only took me about two years to get that courage up!
I feel like I've come a long way in myself, in knowing what I want this blog to be about, but I need to get on with it!

Lets be honest, towards the end of 2014 I was slacking a lot with this blog.
I was working a lot, and I was sorting out presents, seeing family and enjoying spending time with my boyfriend, and in turn I neglected this blog.
I barely posted, and when I did post, they were rushed and not really that interesting.

So here it is, the 'new start' that everyone bangs on about!
For me, this isn't as such a new year, LETS DO THIS, kinda thanggg, it's just more about perfect timing.
I've just found out that I didn't get kept on at my Christmas temp job at New Look, which means I'm still stuck losing my soul at the cafe job I've had for 4 and a half years, and have been desperately trying to escape from (sigh), so while I have more free time, and to stop me from getting depressed while job searching (againnn), I plan on putting all of my energy into this ol' blog of mine.

 I'm going to plan my posts more, make them more creative and about the things that I am interested in!
I plan on shooting more outfit posts outside, so that the photos are more interesting,
I want my posts to be more personal to me, and what I enjoy doing, so expect a bunch of DIY's, Future plans, how I would decorate if I could, and maybe even haul posts.

I'm also going to focus more on bumping up my Youtube Channel.

I really want to explore how fun it could be!
And how I can spread the creativity across both platforms.

So here is to 2015 and my blog! :)

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