Week in pictures // January 11th - 18th

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This week I have mainly been sorting out my room, and getting everything ready to either throw away, take to the charity shop, or sell on Ebay!
I was feeling a mass of wanting to tidy everything, so I did!

The first lot of images (above) are me taking selfies at Dayles while I'm waiting for him to be ready, which means selfies with Alfie and also a nostalgic drink that me and Dayle found.
Does anyone else instantly get reminded of primary school discos because of these? SO YUM.

Next up is a small snippet of mine and Dayles date weekend!
We went out for pancakes at Frankie & Benny's for breakfast and it was SO GOOD.
I drank some raspberry... lime.. fruit thing, which was also veryyy tasty and then over the weekend we had an array of good but bad for you snacks to aid our chilling and just being lazy weekend :D

And finally, during the week I was a little productive besides all the clearing out of my bedroom, and decided to try out an idea I had for pillows.
Which... of course involved animals, and specifically my lovely cat!
I'm thinking about a little business venture in personalised animal pillows? maybeee
Need to practice a bit more though!

Lets see what next week will bring! :)

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