Week in pictures

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This week was another week at home, sorting out my room and putting things on Ebay, and making pillows :D
This led to me finding a number of things in my wardrobe that I had forgotten about, such as my McFly calender collection from about the age of 13, consisting of 2005 - 2013 :')
And obviously a Prince Harry mask.... (Gingers are the best!)
I also made some lovely rock cakes, but I forgot to take a picture as they got eaten too quickly, so instead here is the recipe... just because.

On Wednesday me and Dayle had a date night, which consisted of Pizza Hut and The new Disney film 'Into The Woods'
I really really enjoyed it! It wasn't as cheesy as I expected and was actually quite brutal in places, leaning more towards the brothers grimm stories than cutesy Disney.
I really liked how they managed to make loads of separate fairy tales merge into one and it still made for a good story line.
The singing was really good, and it had a nice amount of humour thrown in for good measure.
And finally, a nice little quote that I stumbled upon and thought was fitting for myself at the moment, and for everyone!

I also had a nice little girly shopping catch up with the uni girls during the week, but don't have any photo evidence.... but it was such a nice and chilled out day, and is always nice when we can find time that we are all free :D

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