What I Got For Christmas // 2014

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Yes I am aware that it is the Fourteenth of January and I am possibly a bit late to this,
but I thought I would do it anyway!

Just for disclaimers sake, this is not me showing off, but it's a way of remembering 
what I have been given and to be thankful for them.
And I also love seeing what someone else has got, and am really nosey, 
so I thought you might enjoy it!
I want to be able to look back and see all the awesome things that my loved ones 
got me this Christmas :).

So lets get into it!

My main present from my parents this year was a sewing machine.
And oh my was I not expecting this. It's no secret that I like to make things, and I'm a wannabe crafter! so the fact that I know have my own, instead of my mums one which inconveniently lives in the loft, is so amazing and exciting.
I can't wait to get my craft on!

Along side the sewing machine, they also got me this 'Craft Show & Sell' book, which is an advice book on starting a craft business. I've already skimmed it, and started to read the first two chapters properly, and it's starting to convince me that maybe it's not as daunting as it seems!

I put down a pair of converse and Chelsea boots down on my list, as I think that they are such staple for any outfit, and can change how a simple outfit can feel, and to my surprise I got both!
I've pretty much been wearing the Chelsea boots everyday as they are just so easy to just slip on and go. And I've worn the converse a couple of times, when I'm feeling especially grungy and want to dress like my fifteen year old self!

I've already featured the fedora in an outfit post and expressed my undying love for it... so I won't go on too much. But seriously, it is perfect!
I got this cute little spotty satchel bag from my cousin, and it makes me happy.
Seeing as my pastel blue satchel is slowly falling apart, I think this will become my new everyday bag, adding spots to all my outfits.

These two awesome presents were from my little cousin, they are just so cool. She has a way of finding little gems!
I don't have much space in my room for them now, but they have already gone straight into my 'moving out / future flat box' and will be patiently waiting to look awesome on the shelves and tables of my future flat, which I am SO eager to move to!.... even if realistically it is like, two years away.
But I can still be excited :D

I really do love a good pretty tin, especially if they have sweets in them!
The camera tin was from Dayle ( he knows me 8D ) and originally it was filled with cookies, but I have officially claimed it as my sewing tin, and it now lives next to my sewing machine looking awesome and being practical!
This MASSIVE sweet tin, was from Dayles parents, and it is so cool! The fact that it is so colourful and funky looking, means that when I... if I ever finish all the sweets inside, it too will be making it's way to the future flat box, and will look cool in our bedroom, keeping things tidy.

I always see Christmas as an opportunity to try out make up that I wouldn't usually buy, because I don't want to try new things with my own money in case I don't like them.
But if it's a gift, then it is fine! (Is that a bit mean? haha)
But luckily, I have tried out both of these products and really like them. Reviews on these coming soon on the blog! :)

Another awesome present from the boyfriend.
If you didn't know already, I am a MASSIVE back to the future fan, I've seen the first one so many times that I probably know most of the words, and I could still watch it over and over.
For my birthday he got me Marty and Doc Funko Pop figures, so now they sit happily alongside the Delorean ready for an adventure.

Talking of Funko Pops figures, I also got some more for Christmas!
I got a mixture from my favourite programmes and films, including Battle Tyrion, Dancing Groot, and Zombie Penny.
I have a growing collection now and they are all so cute!

Clothes for Christmas makes me happy.
Especially monochrome clothes.
Especially Daisy and Checked monochrome clothes.
Well done Mum and Kay :D

I've mentioned my excitement for these lush products in a previous post, and I am so happy with them :D
I got this Nivea in shower body moisturiser last Christmas, and absolutely loved it, as I get quite dry skin, but for some reason I never re-purchased it, so I was happy to get some more this time!

Again, if you didn't already know, I'm a massive Dr Who fan, so this TARDIS
necklace from my friend is perfect!
My other friend also got me this adorable little reindeer bracelet, it is so delicate and understated, that it can be worn all year round, and I love it so much.

Continuing on with the Sewing machine and craft book, my parents for me this marbling kit,
which is really cool!
I can't wait to experiment with this, and really hope that I can do it onto fabric, so that I can make some funky pillows out of it!

 One of my other friends, got me this cute little hat and snood set.
They are both so warm and snugly and they are the perfect colour as they go with everything!
I've been reaching for the snood a lot, especially when I wear patterns, as they fit so well together.

And finally, my Auntie made me this amazing hamper, filled with SO MANY Simple products, that I think I am done for the whole year!
I really like Simple as a brand, and always use their moisturiser and face wipes, so I am excited to try out all the other products from their range that I haven't tried before.
also It looks so cute, in this little basket that I can totally re-use after I've used everything!

And that is the main bulk of what I got for Christmas.
I got a few other little things, such as smellies and sweets, and things that I've left at the boyfriends house that I couldn't take pictures of, woops!
I am so grateful for all of these, and can't wait to get using and admiring them :D

I hope that this has been interesting for at least someone haha.

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