Winter Staples // 2014

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It's getting to that time of year where it is so cold outside that you can't deny the fact 
that winter is in full swing!
So I thought I'd put together a little winter staples guide, to show you the things that I
most use and NEED to not become an ice cube in winter.
Each winter staple is also like a mini wish list, featuring the style that I either already wear, or want to own!

Boots are probably the biggest essential for me in the winter, as I have such bad circulation to my feet, that I need them to be completely toasty or I will just be cold the entire day.
I always seem to go for big black chunky boots at this time of year, as they can
hide the thick socks I wear underneath and seem to go with everything.
I think that in the winter I just don't care about my feet as long as I'm warm!

Coats are obviously crucial. I remember when I was younger I had such a hatred for coats, as I thought they were so bulky and unflattering, but now I absolutely love them!
My main coat this year is a pastel purple coat (like the one in the image) and I have pretty much LIVED in it since November.
Occasionally I get out my black coat from a few years back, but if I had the money to spend, I would get a black and white checked long coat, and a parka kind of style, because I have wanted one of these for years, but never actually go to buy one.... not sure why.

Oh, I do love a good beanie!
if you knew me last winter, you would not have seen me without a beanie on my head... EVER
I have a bit of a collection, and my lack of boyfriend or caring while I was at uni everyday just meant I was super lazy every morning and shoved a beanie on my head :D
I selected a few from various sites that were different than the ones I already have.
I especially like the middle three, and am now tempted to get them, oops!

My collection of jumpers is pretty insane, I easily have about 50, and I always buy more every winter and can never bring myself to get rid of some!
This year I'm really loving the high neck / roll neck trend that is everywhere
(Post on this coming soon!)
When I was looking round the internet, I especially fell in love with the first jumper.
High neck, oversized and pastel? yes pleaseee!

Who doesn't love a thick scarf in the winter?!
I also have quite a collection of scarves... ranging from long knits, silk and snoods.
I always try to alternate between them all, but my favourite is 100% my big chunky red tartan scarf
It's one of them massively wide ones that could also be used as a wrap around, and it just seems to go so nicely with my pastel coat that I always reach for it!

Like I mentioned earlier about my bad circulation, as well as massive boots and thick socks, in the winter tights are also my best friend!
I usually wear the classic Primark super thick black pair most days, but some times I like to jazz it up with some colour or pattern, to add something to a simple outfit, because why not!

I hope that this has been interesting and helpful to anyone struggling with what to
wear for the winter season!

What are your winter staples?

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